Little Tern Project 2018

I volunteered for the Little Tern Project, a conservation group for Little Terns, in Japan. I helped to count Little Tern eggs and nests at the Morigasaki Sewage Treatment Center in Tokyo’s Ota Ward on the opposite shore of Haneda Airport.

The 6-hectare area is one of Japan’s largest colonies for Little Terns where the Little Tern Project has been conducting researches on this Endangered species since 2001.

The roof of the centre is covered with seashells and gravels for the birds to breed, with similar-colored chicks and eggs found blending in with the ground.

On 30 June 2018 my friend and his wife invited me and my partner to the Little Tern Project’s open day. There were a few bird photographers and bird watchers joined as well.

A Little Tern with Geotag
A Little Tern feeding its chick
Participants watching terns catching fish
Participants watching Little Tern families at the nesting site

For more photos on this event, please visit my Flickr album here.


Eugene Cheah

I am a nature photographer from Borneo and currently based in Japan. My main photography subjects are waterbirds and their habitats.

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