Rachel Dadd with Band + Emma Gatrill + Ichi, Go Echo Japan Tour 2018

This is my first time attending the concert of Rachel Dadd with band + Emma Gatrill + Ichi in Vacant, Harajuku, Japan. It was recommended by my friend who is also a musician and was visiting Japan for a short time.

The opening show by Ichi was very unique and interesting. He made all his music instruments by himself. Second show was by Emma Gatrill singing and playing the Harp together with Marcus Hamblett playing the guitar. The last show was by Rachel Dadd with Band. Their performance was so fantastic. Looking forward to shoot more shows and gigs of such great musicians.

Rachael Dadd with Band
Ichi during his performance (Can you see the flying ballon?)
Emma Gatrill playing the harp while singing
Their programme book
Their programme schedule


For more photos of this show, please visit my Flickr album.

Eugene Cheah

I am a nature photographer from Borneo and currently based in Japan. My main photography subjects are waterbirds and their habitats.

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