Works in 2015

Establishing Lok Kawi Shorebirds Beach Facebook Group

Eugene created a facebook group on 9 February 2015 to raise awareness of the Lok Kawi Beach in Sabah, Malaysia, where there was no website mentioning its importance as shorebirds refugee at that time. The creation of the group also aims to encourage birders in Sabah to visit the beach and observe shorebirds.

April – May 2015: Photo exhibition

Borneo – Winter Paradise of Shorebirds
Japanese title: 特別展示「ボルネオ~シギ・チドリの冬の楽園」
Venue: Yatsuhigata Nature Observation Centre
The exhibition shows how shorebirds spend their non-breeding time in Borneo. More than 50 shorebirds photos were exhibited.

Eugene helps event photography formally and informally.

Contribution of the landscape photographs for websites:

Contribution of the photographs and video recordings for materials:

Contribution of the environmental education other than above:

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