Works in 2020

Eugene moved his base from Sabah to Japan in October during the travel restriction by the COVID-19 pandemic. Traveling was not easy but he tried to keep capturing the nature’s beauty. During this time, most of the photos are posted on his Facebook.

Eugene helps event photography

  • Videography for friend’s wedding (November 2020)

Key species in 2020:

  • Will be updated.

Contribution to events and materials:

  • Eugene has provided photographs of wetland and creatures including waterbirds to the new website of the Japan Wetland Society 日本湿地学会.
  • Eugene has joined Japan’s Flyway National Meeting 2020 with a presentation titled “Eat, rest, fight, socialise – just like people.” Migratory waterbirds are rooted in our culture. Korea has the Crane Dance, and prays for a good harvest with duck-shaped poles called “Sotdae.” They have always been at our side. The presentation shows the life of waterbirds in an attempt to provide opportunity for the audience to know and feel closer to these waterbirds.
  • Eugene’s efforts for involving local photographers to continue monitoring was introduced at the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Shorebird Science Meeting in the presentation titled as Citizen power – shorebird monitoring by the public.

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