Works in 2022

In 2022, Eugene has keenly explored his camera skills by searching, trying, and learning from his mentors and friends. He also visited key sites in Japan including Hiko-san (Fukuoka), Watarase-yusuichi, Inashiki, Yatsuhigata, Sambanze, Higashiyoka-higata tidal flat and others. The sudden and sharp raise in airfare didn’t allow him yet to visit his hometown in Borneo, but he has visited some sites around Tokyo with his foreign birder friends in Japan.

Eugene helps event photography and ring recoveries formally and informally.

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Key species in 2022:

  • Will be updated – many additions to come!

Contribution to CEPA activities other than above:

  • A judge for the Black-faced Spoonbill and migratory bird Photo Contest 2022 organised by the Incheon Black-faced Spoonbill Network, RoK

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